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Schubert. The smart Way of improving Quality.

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Practical experience for practical benefit.

Aviation industry suppliers achieve their major corporate success through clear positioning and sustainable savings of costs and time. For this to happen, a structurized quality management as well as continuous improvement are essential. With the aid of Smart ImprovingTM, Schubert Operational Solutions is empowered to give profound advice and to practically establish the required measures.

Proficient. Interconnected. Experienced.

With over 30 years of aircraft construction experience as well as more than 24 years of management experience, Schubert offers a solid foundation to consult companies in the aerospace supply industry. Being in touch with the aviation authorities (EASA / LBA), Schubert is established in a supply industry network and national associations (BDLI, Hanse-Aerospace e.V.).

Schubert focuses on manufacturing 2nd tier suppliers, consulting them with regard to the optimization of quality management systems and processes according to EN9100, EASA Part-21G and EASA Part-145. As a member of HATS Group, the company also has access to a broad spectrum of training measures:

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Our services.

The supply industry is constantly confronted with major challenges. Customer requirements, authorities as well as constant competition with other companies may become invincible obstacles. 2nd tier suppliers in particular need to find ways to maintain their quality and performance standards. Schubert is able to demonstrate possibilities to overcome those obstacles.

Smart ImprovingTM

With the use of profound practical know how, Schubert combines management advice with practice-oriented implementation into the corporate manufacturing process. Schubert is focused on working closely with you and your employees – according to your individual requirements. This leads to the freedom to fully concentrate on your core competences.

Analysis and recommendation

Based on a detailed analysis and evaluation of processes and depth of production, Schubert conceptualizes practice-oriented quality management concepts and offers optimization possibilities. These include i.e. market and competition analyses, the elaboration of a quality management system as well as the planning of suppliers management, outsourcing and continuous improvement.

Practical implementation

In order to achieve quickly measurable and sustainable success, the practical implementation of the necessary measurements is also going to be focused. These measures include i.e. handbooks, audits, various training modules, support with regarding the reduction of the depth of production as well as relocation and restructuring measures.

Do you need assistance?

Schubert is happy to help you out. In case of queries, feel free to get in touch by telephone or in writing anytime.

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